What it Contains?

“SHRIHANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS” contains detailed poetic biography, individuality, personality and multidimensional functionality of Lord Shri Hanuman Jee who is the exceptionally distinguished, extraordinary and unique devotee of Maryadapurusottam Lord Shri Ram.

SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS is presented in seven chapters which are titled asVandna-Kand, Bal-Kand, Kiskindha-Kand, Sundar-Kand, Vijay-Kand, Uttar-Kand and ttam-Kand, respectively. It comprises one thousand twenty-five A4 sized pages having eleven multicolored and three black & white photographs of Lord Hanuman jee.

SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS has been published by Global Philosophy Trust, which is basically dedicated to the ultimate bliss for peace & happiness of mankind through dissemination of globally acceptable spiritual and philosophical knowledge; thereby unshackling the seekers of self-realization from all sort of ignorance-driven & self-imposed bondage upon themselves.Besides, SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS is an acknowledged scripture, which deals extensively & uniquely with Thought-Power, Brahmacharaya, Bhakti, Advait-Vedant, Prapanch-Prakalpa, Kaam-Prakalpa, global Thought-pollution and corruption in its entirety.

How it is comparable with ShriRam-Charit-Manas?

The remarkable feature of SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS is that it is written in contemporary simple Hindi as compared to BalimikiRamayan which is in Sanskrit and Shri-Ram-Charit-Manas, which was written in typical Avadhi dominated language. Yet, the poetic pattern of “SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS” is same as that of Shri-Ram-Charit-Manas.

What are the main characteristics/attributes of Lord Hanuman Jee?

The major characteristic attributes of Lord Hanuman jee encompasses his heroic qualities being mightiest warrior; all round troubleshooter; panacea to all sorts of ills be they metaphysical, psychological, psychosomatic, spiritual, philosophical or of any other type; treasure of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and rationality coupled with sensitive emotionality, mythological-secrets, sincerity, reverence and devotion; reservoir of all sorts of skill, talent, vision, insight, strength, energy, power, force, potential, valor, courage, bravery, fearlessness, gallantries, boldness, stamina, politeness, resilience, authority, ability, vigor, daring-nature, audacious, allegiance, influence, supremacy, decency, morality, proficiency, cleverness, dynamism, vitality, heartiness, handiness, dexterity, buoyancy, toughness, command, clout, perseverance, agility, equanimity, adroitness, patience, tolerance, serenity, determination, firmness, resolve, flexibility, prudence, decisiveness, commitment, dedication, hard-worker, orator, domination, grasp, go-getter, achiever, highflier, self-starter, livewire, affection, warmth, caring, friendliness, enthusiasm, equity, justice, guts, ethics, mission oriented managerial capabilities, foresight, fortitude, mettle, integrity, righteousness, courtesy, dignity, pride and being graciousness, etc; ocean of all qualities; ideal of celibacy (Brahmacharaya); controller of senses; ultimate absolute reality; creator-organizer & destroyer of all phenomenal appearances; enemy of all sorts of evilness, provider of peace, prosperity, success, brilliance, accomplishment, achievement, victory, happiness, bliss, delight, contentment, brightness, liberty so forth and so on.

What is the contemporariness of Lord Hanuman Jee?

Lord Hanuman Jee was incarnated before Lord Shriram. When Lord ShriRamJee left for his heavenly abode, he delegated all his powers and requested Lord Hanuman jee to stay back at our earth to support, help and take care of his devotees. Consequently, since TRETA YUG Lord Hanuman Jee has been staying here with us and would continue to stay at earth till the end of KALIYUGA.

Why one should read Shri Hanuman-Charit-Manas?

Anyone who desires to imbibe and get benefited by any of the attributes of Lord Hanuman Jee as illustrated above should read, study, understand and recite ShriHanuman-Charit-Manas with devotion, reverence and faith coupled with purity of heart, piousness of intent and well-being in deeds, besideshaving complete SHARANAAGATI before Lord Hanuman jee. In turn the devotee (he/she) would certainly be bestowed with divine blessings and guidance.

Who should read, study, recite and worship ShriHanuman-Charit-Manas?

Anyone who is a devotee and/or seeker of the ultimately absolute truth but is poor in intelligence, slow in action, devoid-of discrimination and detachment and/or who is in distress, dispute, allegation, trouble, sufferings, assault, sorrow, crash, collapse, rumple, scorn, pain, grief, sarcasm, jail, mockery, anguish, anger, dilemma, difficulty, problem, mess, hitch, hindrance, malfunctioning, obstacles, agony, misery, assault, danger, delay, illness, sadness, regret, depression, torture,irony, woe, worry, affliction, contempt, travesty, ridicule, torment, aggression, failure, revulsion, dissatisfaction, crumple, fall down, derision, disappointment, cynicism, tight-spot, disgust, impasse, complexity, setback, crisis, gloom, melancholy, confusion, scared, terrified, nervousness, glitch, challenge, paucity, barrier, interference, molest, insult, jeopardy, threat, menace, risk, interruption, craving, thrust, hunger, hankering, yearning, infirmity, despair, persecute, dullness, monotony, hardship, dislike, hatred, hostility, greed, lust, addiction, poverty, afraid, bothered, handicapped, kidnapped etceteras should study, worship and recite Shri Hanuman Charit Manas with faith and devotion.

How Shri Ram CharitManas and Shri Hanuman CharitManas are related?

It hardly needs to be mentioned that the ‘Ramayana’ is incomplete without Lord Hanuman Jee and so the Ram-Charit-Manas proves to be incomplete without SHRI-HANUMAN-CHARIT-MANAS. Both are supplementary to each other.

What was the genesis of inspiration to author Shri-Hanuman-Charit-Manas?

When I was around eight years of age, I used to visit the nearest temple of Lord Hanuman Jee on every Tuesday and Saturday just to enjoy the ‘Prasad’ which was distributed by some devotees there. Gradually, I started participation in beating the ‘Nagara’ (drum) during the ‘Aarti of Lord Hanuman Jee’. Later on, my interest moved towards Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Bahuk and Sundarkand of Shri Ram Charit Manas, respectively. By the end of my graduation in 1978, I could recite the entire Ram Charit Manas without referring to the book. Somehow, I had a feeling that Sundarkand of Shri Ram Charit Manas could not cover and describe the individuality of Lord Hanuman Jee elaborately. I also felt a need to have some scripture like Shri Ram Charit Manas which could enable us to perform ‘Akhand Patha’ for Lord Hanuman Jee as Ram Charit Manas enables us to perform ‘Akhand Patha’ for Lord Shri Ram Jee. It was at this juncture that my father assigned me the duty to perform morning and evening POOJA (prayers) of Lord Hanuman Jee at our farmhouse. Unknowingly but sub-consciously, an inner strength and confidence started gathering momentum in my individuality thereby ensuring efficiency, speed, activeness, perfection and sense of accomplishment in every assignment and activity I performed. This phenomenon was more pronounced if the assignment or activity was performed on any Tuesday and / or Saturday. Due to some financial challenges, I could not study in any college but yet all my academic/professional qualifications and achievements reaffirmed the endless undercurrent of an invisible strength i.e. the blessings of Lord Hanuman Jee all through. In my late forties, my interest got attracted towards Vedanta. Initially, it seemed to be very difficult to understand and imbibe the purport of Vedanta but it was absolutely with the blessings of Lord Hanuman Jee that I could make progress in it and I feel assured that Lord Hanuman Jee would certainly bless me further with ‘Jeevan Mukti’ on one day or the other. It was due to multidimensional gratitude that I wanted to author Shri Hanuman Charit Manas as a gesture of my reverence and devotion, before putting an end to further writings. In nutshell, this was the genesis of inspiration to author Shri Hanuman Charit Manas. It is my firm belief and faith that anyone who takes SHARNAAGATI to Lord Hanuman Jee, then s/he would be able to face all sort of odds in his/her life with confidence, courage, success and joy on the one hand and will ultimately gain all round prosperity, peace and liberty without looking for help from anyone else, on the other hand.

Global Philosophy Trust


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Note on the activities of the Trust

The Global Philosophy ‘Trust’ (hereafter called ‘Trust’) is basically dedicated to the ultimate bliss for peace & happiness of mankind through dissemination of globally acceptable spiritual and philosophical knowledge; thereby unshackling the seekers from all sort of ignorance-driven and self-imposed bondage upon themselves.

After getting itself registered on 7th March 2000 with the Sub-Registrar of Delhi, the ‘Trust’ moved an application for registration under section 12 A & exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961 with the Income tax Department on 29th March 2000 which was accorded on 7th August 2000 under No. DIT (E) 2000-2001/G-584/2000/265 and DIT (E) 2000-2001/G-584/2000/510 respectively.

As is born out from the ‘Object Clause’ of the ‘Trust-Deed’ that the objects of the ‘Trust’ are basically twofold, one set of which concerns with intellectual projects and another set concerns with physical infrastructure which involves huge financial outlays. The thrust of activities of the ‘Trust’ was initially more on the 1st set of objects i.e. intellectual projects and less on the 2nd set. It is because of this basic thrust that there was no need to mobilize large financial support in the beginning except some funds needed to buy the office equipments, stationary and ancillaries required to complete the intellectual projects undertaken. Consequently the ‘Trust’ has been able to have the following intellectual properties to its credit:

  1. SYNOPSIS OF CORRUPTION: – Object (h) of the ‘Trust’ is to conceive, formulate and implement all such action plans which are aimed at creating an awareness and devise effective ways and means to prevent, check, control, expose and eliminate all sorts of corruption. To achieve the aforesaid objective the ‘Trust’ devised this most comprehensive project aimed at bringing out an encyclopedia of corruption. The project attempts to define, identify and trace genesis of corruption manifested into various forms/fields of life of the individual and society at large and then suggesting different ways and means to eradicate corruption into its entirety. Over two dozens of experts having authority into their respective fields of expertise are associated with this project and each expert is going to contribute at least 50 A-4 size typed pages of material. Finally, a committee would edit the text with a view to ensure consistency, uniformity and universality in its approach.

“Synopsis of Corruption” is in fact a bird’s eye-view of the likely World Encyclopedia on Corruption and is going to form the basic concept paper of the “Eradicate corruption Movement”. It is needless to point out that the corruption through its extremely vicious circle has genetically transformed and epidemically pervaded into all walks of life both public as well as private. It is in this context and background that the ‘Trust’ has decided to persuade prominent personalities to lead, share and contribute their might to the “Eradicate Corruption Movement” aimed at liberating the psychic of the mankind at large like their predecessors had led, shared and contributed their might to the “Quit India movement” to physically liberate and make the India as a free country.

The “Trust” has recently undertaken to publish SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS both physically and electronically. SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS is an unprecedented, unique, distinct and religiously spiritual scripture which attempts not only to encompass a little bit known biography of Infinite Lord Shri Hanuman Jee, but it also deals broadly with the most prominent contemporary issues i.e. (1) thought-power (2) thought-pollution and (2) corruption in its entirety. Undoubtedly, the ever increasing levels, forms, aspects, dimension and magnitude of corruption has been a cause of concern for all right-thinking citizens, saints, and social-activists but the root cause, genesis, prognosis and the whole gamut of this widely-spread and rampant corruption-centric-epidemic without precise diagnosis and treatment has been so intense and vociferous that its consequences have held the entire nation in a condition of utter shock and dismay.

SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS through its philosophically-religious and psycho-spiritually pious presentation, have tried to emphasize the clearly envisioned viewpoint of our ancient scriptures regarding thought-power, thought-pollution and corruption with a view to positively influence the psychic and mental make-up of the upcoming generations against these mighty enemies. Factually, this is what we exactly need to uproot the corruption. The reason behind this line of thinking is that once the upcoming generation through its educational syllabus (right from the level of primary education to the higher education) is made aware of the origin, scope, definition, span, consequences and psycho-social ways and means to fight and uproot this corruption in its entirety in the beginning itself then there exists a strong probability to get the society relieved from the vicious-cycle of corruption which is infecting everyone’s individuality. The “Trust” is committed to take SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS forward to the masses, as such. Till our thought-process, procedure and system remains polluted, we can neither effectively deal with the corruption nor with various types of pollution. This is our assertion.


Object (g) of the ‘Trust’ is to help, assist, organize,, coordinate, guide and to do all such activities, acts and deeds which are aimed at preventing, checking, controlling and eventually eliminating mental and thought pollution. As a first step towards this direction, the ‘Trust’ has got five volumes of ‘Vichar Chudamani’ drafted into simple verses.

Volume – 1 deals with “Principles of Thought Energy” pertaining to the meta-physical personality which are relevant in the daily life of one and all;
Volume – 2 
deals with “Principles of Thought Energy” relating to the impressions-specific personality which are relevant in the daily life of one & all;
Volume – 3
 deals with “Principles of Thought Energy” pertaining to the cause-specific personality which are relevant in the daily life of one & all and
Volume – 4 
deals with “Principles of Thought Energy” pertaining to absolute-reality which are relevant in the daily life of reality-seekers. Thus, this project encompasses effectively the entire range of the World – Drama being played by each and every human being irrespective of the caste, sex, age, class, community and the country to which he/she belongs.

Efforts are being made to select some verses from al the four volumes and recommend the same to the Ministry of Education and NCERT to include these verses into the national syllabus of studies beginning from class VI to the PG courses and Ph. D. Curriculum of both eastern and western philosophy.

QABFAQ: – Object (b) of the ‘Trust’ is to discover, bring out and make available to the public at large the philosophical and spiritual message of different religious philosophies, ideologies and school of thoughts with a view to create and develop a unified and harmonized global human philosophy capable of ironing out intra-country rivalries at macro level.

To fulfill this objective a Committee consisting of Professor Ashok Vohra, Head of Department (Philosophy), University of Delhi and Dr. Pukhraj Jain, Incharge (Evening) of Sanskrit Department, PGDAV College, Delhi have been set up to prepare a ‘Question Answer Bank of Frequently asked Questions on Philosophy, Spirituality and Psychology’ (QABFAQ). This would go a long way and would prove highly conducive in developing a Global Philosophy referred to above.

Project Geetadham – 2011:- Prominent leaders, philosophers, academicians, politicians and saints at national and international level have been unanimously acknowledging extreme usefulness of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, vis-a-vis the ultimate human bliss, philosophy and spirituality. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation, equated Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta with his revered Mother. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak used Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta in the freedom fight as an instrumentality for creating an awareness about duty in the masses. It is because of the inherent usefulness of Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta that it has been translated into over 200 foreign languages across the globe. The ‘Trust’ has taken up the project Geetadham which is not only a unique poetic translation of Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta from Sanskrit to Hindi but also is a unique poetic commentary attempted for the first time. This project of the ‘Trust’ has received all round appreciation by philosophers, leaders, academicians and politicians cutting across the party lines.

Project Anthakaran: – Object (a) of the ‘Trust’ is to unshackle the mankind from self-ignorance and to ensure liberty from self-assumed and ignorance-driven bondage, restrictions and limitations etc.

To achieve this noble object, the founder ‘Trustee’ of the ‘Trust’ has assumed upon himself to contribute a formal thesis on this topic and therefore has got registered himself with the Meerut University for Ph. D on the subject. The thesis is likely to be completed shortly.

Project Gangavtaraman: – This project concerns with discovering the contemporary interpretation of the mythical, philosophical and spiritual message cryptically inherent in the text of holy river Ganga. It may be pointed out that Government of India is implementing the project Ganga aimed at physically cleaning up this holy river and organizing its physical resources. But curiosity about the capacity of its water remaining uncontaminated for years together and other mythical properties therein has attracted attention of many Governmental and NGOs including some foreign missions. To supplement the efforts of the Government of India and to quench the thrust for holy Ganga’s philosophical and spiritual message, the ‘Trust’ has come out with an exclusive treatise titled “Gangaavtarna” focusing on the philosophical message in contemporary parlance thereby making it use worthy by one and all. Although the text has originally been authored in Hindi but keeping in view the appreciation it received from the intellectuals, it has been decided to get it translated initially into English and then in other popular languages to serve the public interest. 

Global Philosophy Contribution Award – 2011 (GPCA-2011) :- The ‘Trust’ has conceived and conceptualized to establish GPCA-2011 to be declared every 5th year beginning from the year 2011. For the purpose, the ‘Trust’ has been carving out mechanism to establish affiliations with world class Philosophical Institutions on the one hand and has been collecting philosophical material of global nature/standard with a view to screen it for the ensuring GPCA-2026 on the other hand.

Infrastructure Procurement Project – 2021:- The Trustees have taken upon themselves to source the infrastructure required for accommodating the projects of the ‘Trust’. It is in this context and background that the founder Trustee Family has agreed to donate 1100 square meters of land to the Trust at the Tehsil Headquarters of Srimadhopur, District Sikar Rajasthan on the one hand and have presented suitably the case of the Trust before the Government of Rajasthan to allot 5 hectare of land at Jaipur, Rajasthan, on the other hand. Besides, efforts are being made to get allotment of 3 hectares of land at Delhi too from the Government of Delhi. Once this land procurement is over, the Trust would endeavor to have appropriate campus constructed at the earliest.

Now, the ‘Trust’ desires to spread the spiritual and philosophical knowledge contained in the aforesaid publications and projects to the scholarly seekers of absolute reality and rest of the masses in general. Some of the publications are designed to be rendered in the electronic media through e-books, website hostings, pen-drives, different social media platforms etc. in musical renderings so that the same can be broadcasted/ telecasted in the larger national/public interest. For example, the GEETADHAM (Translation of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta in English & Rajasthani) and SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS are being attempted for the aforesaid purpose, to begin with.As such, SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS being the poetic biography of Lord Shri Hanuman Jee is aimed at fighting and uprooting the global menace of thought-pollution and corruption on the one hand and enrich everyone’s thought-power and balanced-individuality on the other hand). 

It is in the aforesaid context and background that the ‘Trust’ is now in need of substantial amount of funds which are required to fund its aforementioned projects. Needless to mention that the required funds are intended to be mobilized through donations by noble-minded persons and/or institutions.