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Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshiped Gods in the Hindu religion. He is known for his supreme devotion to Lord Rama, who was able to win the battle of Lanka and bring home Goddess Sita only due to the cooperation of Hanuman Jee and his army of monkeys.

There is an interesting story about the birth of Hanuman Jee. There lived a monkey couple named Anjana and Kesari near the hills of mount Meru. Once Anjana, who was a maiden from heave disturbed a sage during his meditation. The sage cursed her to be born as a monkey and told her that she would be free from her monkey body after she would give birth to a powerful son, who would be a form of Shiva himself. Anjana took birth as a monkey and became an ardent devotee of Shiva. She used to spend all her time worshiping him for a son. Upon the instructions of Lord Shiva, Vayu gave a portion of the sweet to Anjana and blessed her that her son, who would be extremely intelligent, strong, and would able to fly. Anjana gave birth to a monkey-faced son, who was initially named Anjaneya and later called as Hanuman.

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We have seen a red idol of Hanuman Jee at some point or the other and wanted to know the reason for the same. That is because Hanuman Jee had smeared himself in red vermillion or in Hindi called as Sindoor. There is an interesting story about this that you would love to know. One day, Hanuman Jee saw Sita applying Sindoor on her forehead. He asked her about the reason for the same. Sita told him  that she applied Sindoor in honor of her love and respect for Lord Rama. Then, for proving his devotion towards Lord Rama, Hanuman Jee also covered his entire body with Sindoor.

There is one more interesting fact about the life of Hanuman Jee. Although he was a Brahmachari, he had a son of his own. After burning the city of Lanka, Hanuman dipped into the sea to cool his body. It was then that his sweat was consumed by a fish, which in turn conceived his child Makardhwaja.

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