Following are some of the illustrative projects aimed at ensuring availability and reach of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS amongst the devotees of Lord Hanuman jee, at large. All devotees in general and those of Lord Shri Ram Jee and Lord Hanuman Jee in particular are hereby invited and requested to get associated (as per their capability, affordability, faith and devotion) with any of the projects of their choice being mentioned herein below:

  1. Free distribution of 10000 copies of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS: Since, SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS was launched for the first time on 18th April 2011, therefore, creation and spread of its awareness is highly needed. The author, through the Global Philosophy Trust has been able to get circulated around 20,000 copies of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS free of cost amongst the devotees. But, this much is not sufficient. It is felt that at least 1,00,000 more copies must be distributed amongst the devotees and temples of lord Hanuman Jee (throughout India and abroad) free of cost so that an initial awareness-momentum can take shape, which in turn is expectedto result into a circulatory and cascading demand of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS thereby making it self-sustainable, on demand by the devotees like Shri Ram Charit Manas.
  2. Commentary on SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS: To provide commentary on SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in simple Hindi (like Manas-Peeush on Shri Ram Charit Manas) so that the reader can easily and conveniently understand the deeper philosophical/spiritual purport sought to be conveyed by it. In the 2nd phase, Shri Hanuman Charit Manas is proposed to be translated in English with a view to enlarge its reach and make it available to the English knowing devotees also.
  3. PEN DRIVES, E-book & DVDsof SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS:  If sufficient finance is made available by any devotee of Lord Shri Hanuman Jee then the whole of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS would be rendered in PEN DRIVES, E-book & DVDsin one go.
  4. Detailed commentaries on SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS: To author and provide chapter-wise detailed commentaries in seven volumes like Manas Peeush of Shri Ram Charit Manas). Further, an appropriate encyclopaedia on Lord Hanuman Jee is proposed to be to be made available thereby making it an ultimate reference on Lord Hanuman Jee.
  5. World’s largest library on Lord Shri Hanuman Jee: To built an exclusive and unique library on Lord Hanuman Jee containing therein all scriptures, literature, photos and CDs of films, Serials and animations related to Shri Hanuman Jee.
  6. Building teams to perform AkhandPaath of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS: To train and equip 10-12 teams of qualified singers/technicians who may be made available to the devotees on demand for reciting /performing AkhandPaath of Shri Hanuman Charit Manas with classical rhythm and music.
  7. Coverage in Electronic and Print Media: To arrange graceful but sufficient references and awareness about SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS through the electronic and print media. Talks, interviews, debates, panel discussions, sample performances etc. are to be arranged in the electronic media and articles, reviews, criticisms, editorials etc. are to be arranged in the print media.
  8. AkhandPaath of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS all over India: Akhand Path of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in various public places and prominent temples of Lord Hanuman Jee are to be planned and performed to create awareness about it.
  9. Organizing and participating in book fares & exhibitions: Participation and presence of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in International, National and State level book-fares, exhibitions, programmes on Shri Hanuman Jayanti and other important occasions has to be ensured.
  10. Inclusion of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in Educational Syllabuses: The two prominently contemporary issues dealt in SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS are ‘Thought-Pollution’ and ‘Corruption’. Serious, intense and coordinated efforts are to be made to convince the education related Ministries and authorities both at Centre and State level so that excerpts of these issues are incorporated in the educational syllabuses at primary, secondary and graduation level. This will ensure consistent awareness about SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in the generations to come. Similarly, it will certainly help in eradication of ‘Thought-Pollution’ and ‘Corruption’ from the individuality of the reader-students.
  11. Revised and enlarged edition of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS: To bring revised and enriched edition of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in which Shri Hanuman Sahastranam and some other popular issues related to Shri hanuman Jee are proposed to be incorporated.
  12. To provide transliteration of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS in English.
  13. To ensure availability of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS with international book houses and stores.

NOTE:- Any clarification on any of the above points, if considered necessary, may please be sought from the author of SHRI HANUMAN CHARIT MANAS. Contact details of the author are as follows:

  1. C. SHARMA (C. A., C. S., C. M. A., M. Com., M. A., P. P. C. S., C. I. C., N.C.F.M.

RZH-4A, Near Deep Parmarth School, Raj Nagar-II, Palam Colony, New Delhi-110077 Tel. Nos. 767863841990138021338700343675,Email:



Since execution of the aforesaid proposed projects requires large amount of funds, therefore, all devotees of Lord Hanuman Jee are hereby requested to contribute generously as per their capacity, convenience, reverence and sense of belongingness to this pious and rightful cause.